There are 3 main categories for the Audit Awards 2024

Newcomer of the year

A new star in the making

A newcomer who has ben acing the can-do mindset since day one. Someone who is never afraid to ask questions, explore, and learn. This award will be presented to a self-driven auditor who loves taking the initiative, adapting, and evolving.

DataSnipper Hero of the Year

An expert in leveraging DataSnipper

This award celebrates an auditor who has a thorough understanding of the DataSnipper platform, knowing it inside and out. They're always looking for new ways to use the platform creatively and are the go-to DataSnipper expert within their team.

Audit MVP of the Year

A auditor going above and beyond

This award will be presented to a high achiever; an impactful auditor always looking beyond the horizon. A truly inspiring MVP who sees success as their responsibility while also supporting others to reach new levels and meet their full potential.

Any Last Questions?

Still have some questions? We got you!

Who can nominate other people?

You are an auditor, worked with the nominee and can provide sufficient information on why they deserve to win the awards for a specific category.

Can I nominate more than one person?

You can only nominate 1 person for Audit Awards. Choose wisely! 

What happens if someone nominated me?

All nominees will receive a confirmation email. And don’t worry, you’ll have the full control to opt out of the Audit Award competition if you don't want the spotlight.

Are there any costs involved?

There are no mandatory costs in nominating or accepting a nomination for Audit Awards.

What are the main categories?

In the 2024 edition, we will have three main categories; Audit MVP of the year, DataSnipper Hero of the year, and Newcomer of the year.

Is my submission confidential?

Yes, all submissions are treated as highly confidential. Only the Audit Awards team and the jury panel will be able to view them.

Who are the jury members?

Our jury panel consists of six distinguished leaders, combining more than 60 years of expertise across the biggest audit companies in different countries. Learn more.

Is there a final ceremony?

Yes! More exciting info soon...

Who is behind Audit Awards?

As part of DataSnipper’s vision to empower auditors and make them more successful and impactful, we are thrilled to launch Audit Awards; the competition to celebrate the most innovative Auditors across the globe.

Audit Awards

The competition to celebrate the most innovative Auditors across the globe.