Audit Awards

The award that celebrates the most innovative auditors across the globe

Nomination Process

1. Nomination

Already got someone in mind? Nominate a colleague within your firm on the 20th February 2024

2. Jury Evaluation

Nominations close on 11th March 2024 and the jury choose their top 3 candidates per award.

3. Public Voting

Vote for one candidate per award between 25th April - 7th May 2024.

4. Winners Revealed

Votes will be counted and three winners will announced publicly on 10th May 2024.

About Audit Awards

Behind every successful firm there is a dedicated team of auditors who have adapted and created an opportunity out of every challenge. Audit Awards drives recognition to those who demonstrate innovation and performance within the Audit industry. In the 2024 edition, three winners will be selected across three different categories.


These are all the categories for Audit Awards

Newcomer of the year

DataSnipper Hero of the Year

Audit MVP of the Year

Meet the Jury Members

Angelique Koopman

Partner at EY

Paul Vetrone

Director of Audit Transformation & Innovation at BDO

Engin Olmez

Partner at KPMG

Jeremy Beltgens

Senior Manager, Assurance Innovation at MNP

Karen Larsen

Partner at Baker Tilly US, LLP

Alwin Lydsman

Friend of the Firm

Audit Awards

The competition to celebrate the most innovative Auditors across the globe.